2nd Official Player-Inspired Miscrit Contest - 10/28/2011 to 11/8/2011


According to the legends of Volcano Island, the Temple was not created by men, but instead appeared mysteriously overnight. Around the same time, the Miscrit known as Liquifien was spotted, coming and going from within the Temple. One legend claims that Liquifien is actually an alien being from another world, who built the Temple for some unknown reason.

Inhabitants of Volcano Island eventually ventured into the Temple and hid treasure within. They left the water nymph dog, Pujin, to guard the halls of the Temple, in case any unwanted visitors tried to take the treasure for themselves.

One night, while Liquifien was lurking through the Temple, he encountered a Riddlefrost (Pujin's final form) blocking his path. The Riddlefrost challenged Liquifien to a game of chance, using its multi-sided ice dice. If Liquifien won, he would be granted safe passage through the Temple. ...Unfortunately for Liquifien, he did not win at this game, and barely managed to escape the Temple with his life. Ever since, he can be found skulking around the outside of the Temple, trying to sneak his way back in.


It was a long and brutal battle to the finish line for all 12 of our contestants, but only two would make it to the final round... Liquifien and Pujin literally split the Miscrit forum community in half, playing tug-of-war to the bitter end...
As a result, the Developers have decided that the winner is...BOTH OF THEM!

THE FINALS! (Closed)


ROUND 2 VOTING! (Closed)

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