Volcano Island Fire Miscrit Lore

Beetor Beetor's abdomen pulses with fiery energy constantly, even when it is resting. It makes a great companion for children who are afraid of the dark.
Bugglow Every part of Bugglow's body is covered in a hard outer shell except for its belly. Even its eyelids are as hard as stone.
Tennix Tennix has to maintain a constant temperature in its midsection, otherwise its shell will start to crack and weaken.
Dungaroll Dungaroll moves around very awkwardly because of its short little legs and gigantic belly, which makes it very self-conscious.

Crickin Crickin can entertain itself for hours simply by playing with and watching the flames on the ends of its legs. The more excited it gets, the more the flames grow.
Mantiscorch As soon as Mantiscorch's feet leave the ground, flames erupt from them. It extinguishes these flames when necessary by simply touching them back to the ground.
Flametenna Flametenna's skin is a metallic-type material that is impervious even to the incredible levels of heat that are given off by its flames.
Praze The claws on Praze's feet leave tiny scorch marks on the ground wherever it goes. For this reason, it's very easy to track.

Dark Whik The flames on Dark Whik's tail have turned a deep, poisonous purple due to many years of neglect and quiet fury.
Dark Talown Dark Talown can sense when a weak Adventurer is near, and will always go out of its way to defeat them as mercilessly as possible.
Dark Terrorcotta Dark Terrorcotta truly lives up to its name. At night, it breathes flames in monstrous shapes to scare local children.
Dark Vesuvion Dark Vesuvion's rage is completely uncontrollable. It explodes without any warning, injuring any who are foolish enough to go near it.
Lavarilla Lavarilla's hands are extremely heavy, and cause it to move very slowly and deliberately. It is, however, never upset by moving slowly, and seems happy to take its time.
Sulfuro Sulfuro is shy, but also very playful. Nothing makes Sulfuro happier than relaxing in the jungle with a friend.
Scorias The lava trails are ever so slightly different on each individual Scorias's hands. The tiny canyons grow wider as it ages.
Obsidiape The heat emanating from Obsidiape's hands is equal to the steam from inside an erupting volcano, and is highly dangerous.

Magixio Some believe that Magixio could be more man than Miscrit, and his origin is a mystery going back many years.
Necromanous Necromanous cannot touch the ground, or any sort of solid object, because of a spell that went horribly awry.
Alchemenace Alchemenace lurks in the dark, and retaliates mercilessly against any who disturb him, regardless of their intent.
Conjurinx Conjurinx's flaming trail is said to be made of its pure fury and anger from being trapped behind a mask for all of eternity.

Slithero Slithero is normally seen walking around on its four legs, but when it needs to be more sly, it will instead slither around on its belly with legs tucked up on its sides.
Sizzlelash By exhaling towards its lit tongue, Sizzlelash can create the illusion that it is actually breathing fire, but in reality it is only further igniting the tips of its forked tongue.
Serpenox Serpenox's feet give off a noxius magma that pool around it as it's sleeping, which it uses to keep itself both warm and safe.
Incineron Incineron's long, flaming tongue can light fires with incredible precision. His fires burn without producing smoke, which is part of why Incineron itself is so sought after.

Squawcat Squawcat is very swift, and is excellent at evading capture. Only the most skilled adventurers are able to add it to their team.
Tabbeak The light lines along Tabbeak's body become illuminated when it prepares for a fight.
Flinx Flinx's paws hold incredible amounts of power, and it can deliver extremely powerful blows with just one swipe.
Gryndle Gryndle is often too dignified to engage in random fights, but when it does decide to battle, it is relentlessly powerful.

Whik The flames on Whik's tail burn green because they contain a deep, and very ancient magic. It can only access this magic with the help of an Adventurer.
Talown It is said that Talown can sense when a powerful Adventurer is near, and will seek them out when it is in need of a strong, reliable ally.
Terrorcotta Terrorcotta breathes flames in a much more controlled way than most fire-breathers. It can create shapes with its flames, and uses this skill to entertain those it likes.
Vesuvion When Vesuvion is angry, its whole body erupts in bright green flames. This is exhausting for Vesuvion, so it tries to remain calm and level-headed as much as possible.