Volcano Island Nature Miscrit Lore

Bloombat Bloombat is a very surly creature that sleeps most of the day. It reluctantly pokes its head out a few times a day to soak up more sun.
Petalrat Petalrat's venom acts as a fertilizer to all plants, and it does its best to spread the venom upon all seeds it spots on its journeys.
Fluttermaus Fluttermaus is able to hold many foes off at a distance by flinging its deadly spiked tail about.
Vampvine Vampvine feeds on other Miscrits while they sleep. It takes just enough health from them to repower itself without awakening them.

Bloomple Bloomple offers the flower on its back as a sign of friendship to all the people that it meets. Refusing the flower is a great insult.
Featherose Featherose's brilliant colors shine beautifully all the time, and it can often be seen dancing around to show them off.
Berravia When Berravia wants to hide, it simply turns around and covers itself with its tail. It's then indistinguishable from any other berry bush.
Miraca The variety of fruits that grow from Miraca's tail are believed to be the juiciest and most delicious fruit in all of Miscria.

Budillo On a bright, sunny day, Budillo will stretch to its full height in order to soak up as many rays as it possibly can.
Florrow Florrow holds the flower on its hands out to strangers as a sign of trust, but retaliates quickly against any who try to pick the flower.
Bloomivark Bloomivark grows its roots in quite deeply wherever it stands, and because of that is generally not very quick to move around.
Perenniax The colors of Perenniax's petals glow with a much deeper, richer color right after it wins an important battle.

Dark Viperd Dark Viperd spends most of its time slithering through the underbrush of the Jungle, waiting for an opportunity to attack any passerby.
Dark Serplant Dark Serplant has an incredible level of patience when seeking its prey. It roots itself into the ground and waits hours for the perfect time to strike.
Dark Folaviage Dark Foliavage clings desperately to the few leaves left on its wings. The magic being drained from the land has slowly drained the life from Dark Foliavage's body.
Dark Toucanaconda The sound of the wind rustling through Dark Toucanaconda's wings is fodder for the nightmares of many Miscrians.
Hoghedge Hoghedge is incredibly shy, and spends most of its time hiding under its tree trunk to avoid meeting any strangers.
Timboar When Timboar needs sustenance, it sinks its roots deep into the earth to absorb nutrients from the soil.
Boarax Boarax keeps its tusk trees perfectly trimmed. Their status is both a point of personal pride and a status symbol.
Stumperback Stumperback spends its life hunting for whoever chopped the tree from its back, and battles mainly so it can be stronger for that eventual fight.

Humbug Humbug uses its long beak to extract nectar from even the most difficult to reach flowers in the NAME FOR THE RAINFOREST.
Flittero Flying comes so naturally to Flittero that it can actually doze off while flying lazily in circles.
Buzzaillia Buzzaillia uses its long tail and long beak together to rapidly change trajectories while it speeds through the air.
Aviona Aviona collects beautiful blooms while it flies, and adds them to its collection that it keeps with it at all times.

Pamboo Pamboo rests much of the day in order to be able to wield its heavy staff when it needs to. It usually naps immediately after battling.
Ponya The small buds on either end of Pamboo's bamboo stick must be kept the same size so that the weight isn't thrown off at all.
Pan-Damme Pan-Damme moves so fluidly with its bamboo rods that many people incorrectly believe that the rods are actually a part of its body.
Pixiuma Pixiuma almost never attacks first. It prefers to be slow and deliberate with its initial moves, then unleashing a powerful onslaught once its foe's guard is down.

Shroomer Shroomer absorbs energy from the sun. It sleeps during the day to maximize the rays it gets, then moves around at night.
Shrungoo Shrungoo sometimes hobbles around as if it is very old or injured, only to surprise its foe by springing into action as soon as it needs to.
Fungloid Fungloid hits its opponents powerfully with all of its arms and often includes some of its twiggy legs in the onslaught as well. It's much more powerful than it may initially seem.
Sporott Sporott is extremely spry and quick to attack any approaching foes. He has the most dangerous poison of any Miscrit currently known.

Viperd Viperd camouflages itself incredibly well for something so brilliantly colored. It loves nothing more than giving someone a good surprise, whether they're friend or foe.
Serplant Serplant can grow roots from its tail, which enables it to lash out at its foes without moving from a single spot. For this reason, it always looks for the most advantageous position in a battle.
Folaviage Folaviage would not be able to survive without its tail. It uses the tail for attacks, as well as for climbing trees, searching out food, and virtually everything else.
Toucanaconda Toucanaconda's wings are purely decorative, and it cannot actually get off the ground. It instead uses them to make itself bigger, in order to intimidate its foes.