Volcano Island Water Miscrit Lore

Blowpuffle Blowpuffle prefers to settle disputes by looking adorable and defenseless, rather than actually battling anyone. It will fight when necessary, but would rather just be friends with everyone.
Puffu Puffu keeps its cheeks puffed out all the time. It very rarely makes any noise for fear of losing the air that it has trapped there.
Puffamari Puffamari can even puff the spikes on its head up to a bigger size. When it stands up on its tentacles and enlarges itself, it can grow up to three times its normal size.
Octopuff Octopuff will win almost any one-on-one fight it gets into with other wild Miscrits, and often just puffs up to intimidate its foes into running away so it doesn't have to go to the trouble of a battle.

Bubbles Bubbles spends most of its day dreaming while it lazes around in the water. It is only active for a few hours a day.
Otterpop Otterpop tiptoes everywhere it goes because it never wants to bother or disturb anyone who might be trying to relax.
Caterpuff Caterpuff can make bubbles big enough to shelter someone who's trying to sleep from outside influences. It always sleeps inside one of these bubbles.
Popiller Popiller got its name from the way it rolls around like a ball, and then pops its head out excitedly when it reaches its destination.

Dark Bubbles Dark Bubbles spends most of its day dreaming of taking revenge upon the Adventurer who cruelly abandoned it.
Dark Otterpop Dark Otterpop uses its cuteness to get close to people before turning mean and vicious. It especially likes to terrify small children.
Dark Caterpuff When Caterpuff encounters someone sleeping, it places a large purple bubble around them so that it can watch them panic while trying to escape.
Dark Popiller Dark Popiller could have been one of the kindest and most charming Miscrits in the land, but loneliness and the indifference of others turned it into a monster.
Gippo What Gippo lacks in speed, it makes up for in brute force. Its tail alone is powerful enough to smash rocks.
Kuda Kuda has been called a bit dopey, and although that's true, it has a very kind soul that more than makes up for it.
Mammus Mammus can scare off most threats by simply stomping its enormous feet and growling in an intimidating fashion.
Sharkranha Despite its fearsome appearance, Sharkranha is a gentle giant who usually holds back while battling in order to avoid hurting anyone.

Gurgleplops Gurgleplops is no joke. One of its favorite battle tactics is to drool poisonous slime all over its opponent's face.
Slugra Slugra is very lazy when it moves around, and the slime trail it leaves behind is from when it droops to the point of dragging its face.
Trigoo When Trigoo sleeps, it ends up sleeping in a pool of its own drool. The poison in its saliva keeps enemies from attacking while it slumbers.
Blargles The gems on Blargles' forehead are the source of most of its power, and it will protect them from attackers by any means necessary.

Liquifien Liquifien, jealous of the Miscrits that dwell in the Temple, tries to use its mask to camouflage itself to sneak in... to no avail.
Basilien Basilien spends most of its time skulking in the shadows, trying to avoid getting into battles with other Miscrits.
Velocitas Velocitas is incredibly fast. It zips around with such incredible speed that it doesn't even leave a shadow behind it.
Invatorres Invatorres has gathered minerals from all over Miscria to make its incredible exoskeleton. It has an eerie glow which helps to frighten off those who find its hiding place.

Pachydo Pachydo spends most of its time lounging in shallow water, with occasional breaks to eat or get into battles.
Tortadon Tortadon cannot grip anything with its flippers, and has to use its long, prehensile trunk to do nearly everything.
Tuskertoise Tuskertoise uses the slime secreted by its flippers to keep its bony, sharp tusks perfect polished at all times.
Behemammoth Behemammoth's age can be measured by how tightly its tusks are curled. As it ages, the curls grow smaller and tighter.

Rockodile Rockodile enjoys hiding in many different sorts of places, from digging ditches and snuggling under the leaves to climbing to the top of the highest tree.
Barbarious Once Barbarious has decided to do something, convincing it otherwise is nearly impossible. Only strong-willed Adventurers can handle Barbarious.
Crocorawr Crocorawr uses its watery scepter for both powerful Physical and Magical attacks. Its foes never know what kind of attack it will bring upon them.
Growliath Growliath is fiercely unpredictable, and sometimes difficult to control. Its mood swings are unparalleled, and no two Growliaths are entirely alike.

Spinnerette Spinnerette spins its webs from a combination of silk and water, which makes them incredible strong as well as sticky.
Aracneon Aracneon has enough poison contained in each of its many claws to knock a grown man unconscious.
Attacnid Attacnid's watery belly hangs low enough to the ground to leave a trail of slimy material everywhere it goes.
Gigantula Although Gigantula moves very slowly, it is able to get several attacks in at once by using its many arms and claws.

Ursiwave Ursiwave can unleash its water tail both for attacks in battle and to cool itself or other Miscrits down on a hot day.
Bearshful When Bearshful is feeling extra shy, it wraps its tail around its body to keep covered up. Only its big, green eyes will be visible.
Bjorash Bjorash's watery tail possesses some sort of magical quality that enables it to be used as a sort of spring when Bjorash wants to make a jumping attack.
Ripcurlio Although Ripcurlio could simply walk around normally if it wanted, it chooses instead to float around on a sort of pillow made of water.