Miscrit Extras

These images were posted in a blog by a Miscrits artist. You can find the original blog posts: http://serkworks.blogspot.com/


Concept art and finished Miscrit.

Thundercracker (Firebrawl) and Badaboon:

These two Miscrits started out as Fire types. They were later changed to Lightning types for Mount Gemma. Thundercracker was originally named Firebrawl. Another Miscrit was given that name later, resulting in a little Fire monkey showing up in people's houses for a time.

Blazebit, Smolderon, Grimstone, and Eruptacus:

Only a few Miscrits have art done for their back side. Originally, when you battled a Miscrit, you would see the back of your Miscrits. This was changed because you never got to see the front of your Miscrits and having a front and back of every Miscrit would double the amount of art needed for them.

Steamguin, Huffenpuff, Macarovon, and Aukamotive:

Snortus, Boartle, Terrapig, and Coraswine:

Prawnja, Hermetalcrab, Shellgun, Clawmurai:

Flowerpiller, Chrysaleaf, Bloombug, Fairyblossom: