Earth Miscrit Lore

Craggy Craggy draws sunlight in through the cracks in its rocky back during the day in order to keep it warm during cold mountain nights.
Billyboulder Billyboulder will eat absolutely anything, and must be kept under very close supervision around and very rare or precious items.
Bezoar Bezoars are excellent at navigating in the mountains, because they can climb to peaks that are inaccessible to many other creatures.
Mineram There isn't songle material occurring in nature that cant be smashed by a charge from Mineram and his incredible horns.

Croaky Croaky is almost completely undetectable when it conceals itself among the mountain walls. This skill prevents its sleep being disturbed.
Emribbit There is no greater joy for Emerebbitt than startling hikers by hiding among the rocks, then opening its eyes and letting out a loud croak.
Gemphibian Gemphibian often suprises people with its speed. It combines leaping and galloping to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time.
Geotoad Geotoad cant fully close his mouth without chipping at least one of its teeth, which leads to it constantly eating things that fly into his mouth while it's moving.

Digsy Digsy will dig large, impressive holes whenever it gets the urge to do so. It can lead to conflicts with gardeners and farmers.
Mirekin When Mirekin is feeling particulary enthusiastic about a tresure it's digging up, the orange parts of its fur can be completely obscured by the flying mud.
Duskot In order to cover evidence that it buried something, Duskot uses its large, powerful tail to disguise its work as smooth ground.
Excavior Excavior is a highly sought-after treasure hunter. Its sense of smell un unparallelled, and once it decides what it is after, it will do whatever it takes to uncover what it wants.

Drilldent Luckily Drilldent's nose is not terribly sharp, as it has been known to prod its owner with its drill nose when seeking attention.
Gropher Although Gropher's blades are large, it can handle them with suck intedible precision that they are used for everything from logging to haircuts.
Moledozer Absolutely indispensable to Miscrian farmers, Moledoser can till soil almost forty times faster than human.
Demolasher Demoslasher has been known to accidentally destroy everything from trees to fully complete buildings when it gets too excited.

Eggy Eggy cannot see out of its shell, yet still manages to navigate quite well, and is abble to battle. No one is entirely sure how it pulls it off.
Pebblesaur Pebblesaur is able to get away with almost anything thanks to its big, addorable eyes and unassuming demeanor.
Terraptor When it tries to move very quickly, Terraptor can sometimes be seen prforming a big hop simillar to a kangaroo.
Rocklodon Rocklodon possesses more strenght in its large, formidable tail than many Miscrits do in their entire body.

Fennie Fennie's ears can pick up noises from many miles away. It makes an excellent scout and lookout for any team.
Mirthfox Mirthfox would much rather play all day than have to do any work, and must be checked on constantly if it's expected to do anything.
Tumblewhip Tumblewhip gots its name from its tendency to run around so excitedly that it trips on its own tail.
Dustelle Dustelle is very shy, and when it feels someone watching, it whips the ground around it into a frenzy and disappears into the dust cloud.

Fossillia A merciless battles, Fossillia is extremely hostile towards all that encounter it. The rarity of its appereance in the wild is fortunate for travelers.
Craterra Some scientists belive that Craterra personally caused the extincion of three differend species of Miscrits, though it's never been conclusively proven.
Troglobrute Troglobrute's body is ptotected by much harder outer shell made from fossilized rocks which in encased itself with over many millenia.
Primordius Primordius's shield is made from the fossil of the first Miscrit that is defeated in battle, back in the prehistoric times.

Hippoke Hippoke is extraordinarlly clumsy, and due to its fairly large size, can be very destructive by accident. It is so nice, though, that hardly anyone can get mad at it.
Rhinestar Rhinestar can be somewhat bumbling and shy, but the best way to make it feel comfortable is to show interest in the star that adorns its tail, of which it is quite proud.
Rybble Rybble will sometimes spend hours searching rare flowers on the beach so that it has something special to give its favorite people and Miscrits. Unfortunately, it sometimes tramples the flowers by accident.
Triceratron Triceratron's horns are mainly useful for intimidation, because they are actually far more delicate than they initially appear. They do, however, grow back it broken.

Mumbah Mumbah is highely valued for its ability to hunt down vermin, and it has earned a place in many Miscrian households thanks to this ability.
Simbel Each of every Simbel has a slightly differend charm on its forehead. Some sentimental owners get these charms replicated so they can match.
Pharaohette Pharaohette can often be found amusing itself by playing with its tattered bandages, and i rarely needs any other toys or distractions.
Sphynxus Sphynxus spends much of its time thinking up riddles to tell other Miscrits. It prefers mind games to battling, although it's still a great fighter.

Quebble Quebble has hundreds of tiny pieces of rock inside its tail which create an incredible rattling noise when shaken.
Quakey When Quakey gets excided, it slams its tail on the ground repeatedly. The ensuing ground tremors are how it got its name.
Quither Quither uses the tentacles in front of its mouth to feel out its environment. They can sense everything from approaching people and Miscrits to the toxicity of the soil.
Quarriock The rocks lining Quarriock's back flatten when it is relaxed, but because Quarriock virtually never calms down enough for that to happen, few have seen this happen.

Sapphron Sapphron is much kinder and gentler than its harsh appereance wpuld suggest. It loves nothing more than soaking up the sun while walking beside an Adventurer.
Arachnothyst The skin shed from Arachnothyst contains incredibly valuable and beautiful gems. It sheds its skin only a few times in its life making each stone obtained from it very rare.
Rubion Any seasoned Miscrit Adventurer knows that if a Rubion has spotted you and raised its tail before you've gotten your first attack in, there's nothing left to do expecr get away as fast as possible.
Scorpionyx Scorpionyx loves nothing more than hiding deep within caves, where he is nearly indistinguishable from its surroundings, then opening its deep red eyes in order to frighten whomever's hunting it.

Sledgehog When Sledgehog is startled, it puffs out its quills to an incredible size. The accompanying dust cloud is usually enough to blind its foe for long enough that it can slip away without conflict.
Erinaquil Erinaquil can sniff out the exact location of another Miscrit from several miles away, making him a favourite companion of many rare Miscrit collectors.
Cavernus Cavernus's paws are nearly the size of its head, and they're incedibly strong. The muscules in its arms are built up from merely holding up its hands.
Stalagfright Stalagfright's spikes have massive barbs that are incrediblly difficult to remove. They are its primary weapon, and if one of them breaks off, it regenerates another within a day.