Sunfall Kingdom Fire Miscrit Lore

Blazebit Many adventures hunt for the rare Blazebit when a volcanic eruption is near, as that's one of the few times that they can be found easely.
Smolderon A menacing creature, Smolderon is one of the oldest Miscrits and has been said to come from the very core of Miscria.
Grimstone Despite its scary appereance Grimstone is actually very good-natured and sometimes accidentally spits lava when it laughs.
Eruptacus Equipped with as much power as a small volcano, Eruptacus has been known to take down dozens of smaller foes single-handebly.

Blazertooth Blazertooth is a pack animal, and the leader is often determined by which one has the largest tooth.
Pyrubi Pyrubi's tendency to fight for dominance of group makes it an incredibly difficult Miscrit to train as part of a team.
Firenze Firenze's claws are so sharp that many jewelers keep them as assistants for cutting gems.
Minotorch The rare and breutiful Minotorch is a topic of many ancient Miscrian tales of myth and legend.

Dark Flue A darkness is creeping over the land. Mankind's jealousy and greed of Miscrits' power has caused the birth of this Dark Miscrit.
Dark Chimnay While Chimnay is know to hawk overhead playing the roll of a hero, his Dark counterpart elicits feelings of a vulture waiting on his prey below.
Dark Firebrawl Dark Firebrawl's physical powerss is nearly unmached. It's rare for an entire team of normal Miscrits to overtake him by force.
Dark Afterburn A scorched path of destruction is left in the wake of Dark Afterburn. He'll walk slowly ahead of it in hopes that mankind tries to catch him... and fail.

Flameling Groups of Flameling can sometimes be seen having elaborate fire dances together deep in the forest. The purpouse of this ritual remains unknown.
Scorcharos Scorcharos, just starting to grow into its eventual beauty, often feels gawky and awkward, and needs lots of encouragment.
Fyrin Fyrin loves attention, and will often strut about in front of out-of-towners simply to hear them Ooo and Ahh over its beauty.
Infernus Many wealthy families try to keep the beautifull Infernus as nothing more than a pet. A true warrior at heart, Infernus it unhappy unless permitted to battle.

Flue Flue's wings, although very nice to look at, cannot actually lits its body off the ground due to the heaviness of its feet.
Chimnay Chimnay can often be seen soaring over the wilderness in the ded of winter to search fot travelers in need to assistance.
Firebrawl Eternally ready to change its foes, Firebrawl is an excellent Miscrit to have backing you up in a battle.
Afterburn Afterburn's large size combined with its impreviousness to heat has made it perfect for rescuing people and Miscrits from fires.

Hotfoot Hotfoot could also be called quite hothead. Always eager for a fight, this Miscrit requires time to adjust to being part of a team.
Flamaroo A Miscrit with a rebellious attitude, Flamaroo is constantly looking to prove how tough it is in any way possible.
Kang Kang alternates between using its formidable tail as lounging itself for powerful attacks.
Kang Fu Full of confidence and inner calm, Kang Fu feels it can win any fight it enters, and often tries to talk other Miscrits out of their challenge.

Ignios Ignios aims to distract travelers with its cute and innocent appearance in order to steal food and coins once their guard is down.
Calamitas Calamitas loves nothing as much as it loves attention, and it will prance around as much as it needs to in order to attract stares.
Praesul Praesul can sometimes be seen helping wayward travelers who have stumbled into dangerous areas, but it only does so in hopes of a reward.
Preliator Preliator, always trying to redeem itself for the selfish ways of the past, can always be counted on to help innocents in need.

Lumera Although Lumera is extremely good-natured and kind, its habit of scaring travelers by lurking in the woods at night has given it a somewhat evil reputation.
Torchorus A quiet and reclusive Miscrit, no one can truly be certain what plans Torchorus may be concocting at any given point.
Pyrotep Many people think of Pyrotep as a villainous creature, which has become a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.
Anublaze It is extremely rare to encounter an Anublaze that can ve described as anything but wickedly self-serving, but they do exist.

Sparkitten Sparkitten is able to entertain itself for hours by flicking fireball from its tail which it then chases around until they burn out, or it extinguishes them with its tongue.
Glowhisk When preparing for one of its several daily catnaps, Glowhisk wraps itself in its large ears and expansive tail in order to shut out noise, light, and other possible interruptions.
Flameow Flameow uses its remarkably large ears to get more air when it leaps, which has led to many tales (none of which is true) about it having a secret ability to fly.
Cheetorch Cheetorch can sometimes be found in the top of lighthouses. Its tail produces an incredible amount of light, and its large ears help it hear so well that it can detect lost ships from far away.

Sparkupine You can often spot packs of Sparkupines huddled together at night, because no other vreature is able to withstad its fire needles without injury.
Flintback Seaching under the chink is generally recognized as the only way that people can pet Flintback without burning themselves.
Fireprick The lumbering, powerful Fireprick is easy to find because it leaves a trail of smocky footprints in its wake.
Wiquill The blue flames on Wiquill's back and face are widely thought to be made of the hottest substance in all of Miscria.

Steamguin Homes all over Miscria rely on the unique powers of Steamguin to keep them warm during sometimes harsh winter climate.
Huffenpuff Huffenpuff has been known to start accidental fires by flying too close to the trees while hunting for its prey.
Macarovon In an attempt to avoid overheating in its body, Macarovon often hunts for places to burry its feet in cool, damp ground.
Aukamotive Miscrian engineers have been trying to find a way to utilize Aukamotive's unique powers to create new forms of transportation.

Turkniss Turkniss is seen as a Miscrian symbol of rebirth, and a symbol of life triumphing over death. It is said that as long as Turkniss's tail glows, there is still hope.
Tinder Tinder is very self-conscious of its lack of feathers, and sometimes hides itself partially underground so that only its face pokes out.
Incendiurkey Incendiurkey is constantly full of energy, always eager to battle or play, and never fails to bring a smile to the faces of those around it.
Gobblix Gobblix is often very theatrical, and likes to begin battles by engulfing its entire body in flames, then extinguishing them.