Lightning Miscrit Lore

Arigato A symbol of love and friendship across Miscrian cultures, Arigato is one of the most universally adored Miscrits.
Cuddlebolt Cuddlebolt is powerful in battle but often snuggle up to sleep for several hours after fighting in order to recharge its energy.
Astranap Astranap spends much time of its day eating. It has adapted to be able to eat nearly every plant that it finds on its route while traveling.
Dynamellow The static changes within Dynamellow's horns help to provide even more power to its lumbering headbutt attacks it is fond of performing.

Beelzebug Beelzebug's only way of getting someone's attention is by giving them a little shock with one of its lighting-infused legs.
Bumblebolt Bumblebolt uses static charges to launch itself off the ground in order to perform more impressive special moves.
Thundrone Thundrone uses its electrified stinger both for attacking in battle as well as communicating with others of its kind.
Zzzap When Zzzap really wants to knock an enemy out, it channels the lightning power in the rest of its body completely into its stinger.

Boltzee When Boltzee is excited about something, its whole body begins to crackle and pop with small bursts of lightning.
Shoxier Shoxier is extremely curious, and notoriously bad at keeping its hands to itself. It likes to investigate everything that it sees.
Acrozap The more Acrozap swings itself around, the more static electricity it builds up, making its attacks even more powerful.
Violimp When Violimp pounds its hands on the ground, the booming sound that results is terribly loud and intimidating to its foes.
Jellyshock Jellyshock propels itself thought the water using tiny electrical currents instead of moving its tentacles to swim.
Jellybolt When Jellybolt's eye is closed, it blends almost perfectly with the water. It has startled many beachgoers by slowly opening its eye to reveal itself.
Tesla Fish Tesla Fish sees using electrical currents that bounce back like sonar, and because or that it never opens its eye.
Medustung When Medustung holds its four lihtning balls above its head and merges them into one, it produces an incredible amount of energy.

Kiloray Kiloray is extremely affectionate though it often accidentaly shocks those whom it's trying to nuzzle. Luckily, there shocks are very low-powered.
Electroflyte Electroflyte can travel at incredible speeds through the water. It is nearly unbeatable in any sort of race through the water.
Luminaire Luminaire's yellow spots pulse and glow with power of the electricity flowing through them, and creare a spooky underwater image at night.
Edison Ray The high levels of electrical currents coming from Edison Ray can sometimes cause very surface of the water to crackle as it moves.

Luna Luna's large ears are able to hear sounds from incredibly far away, which helps it to avoid people and other Miscrits whenever it is feeling shy.
Lestrike Lestrike sometimes amuses itself by playing with the glowing orb on its head in the same way that cat plays with string.
Sparkula When Sparkula lands after a long flight, the ground underneath it pulses because of all the build up static electicity in its body.
Antennious Antennious peimarily moves around at night. It darknes its orbs while it follows its prey, then brightly lights itself in order to temporarily blind its foe.

Microblast Microblast keeps itself covered by its wings until it's ready to unleash a Lightning attack. It throws its wings out and zaps its enemy at the same time.
Echomeleon Although Echomeleon has small arm-like limbs, they are essentially usless. It performs every possible task using its long prehensile tail, which is powered by elecrticity.
Electrozard Electrozard is extremely sensitive to vibrations in the air that alert it to any approaching people or Miscrits. This gives it time to charge itself up before any battles commence.
Zapire Although Zapire is strong, it never attacks with anything other than the lightning charges that it hides behind its wings.

Sparkslug Sparkslug's shell is much larger than its body, and if it were't for static electricity keeping it from touching the ground, he would constantly fall over.
Electroslide Electroslide leaves a trail of slime wherever it goes, and the trail can often be seen still sparkling for severals minutes later.
Shellshock The beacon on Shellshock's ouder shell is important for adventurers because the electricity within it can be unleashed much like a flade in emergency situations.
Buzzcargo Despite Buzzcargo's off-putting and slightly gross appereance, he is highly powerful Miscrit with a sweet dispossion.

Sparkspeck Although Sparkspeck itself is incredibly tiny, its glow illuminates a relatively wide area. The actual Miscrit is difficult to locate within the glow.
Faebolt When prepearing to attack, Faebolt collects the pulses it emits into one large ray in order to maximize its power, and to allow it to attack from further away.
Pixiepulse Pixelpulse loves playing tricks on Adventurers in the wild who underestimate its its incredible power because of its miniscule size.
Glitterglint Glitterglint is said to be the most joyous of all Miscrits, and the size of the glow and sparkles it emitss is strongly affected by its happiness.

Statikat Statikat has trouble sneaking up on anyone in a house, because its cracklink tail can usually be heard from several rooms away.
Zapeera When Zapeera gets excited about something, lightning charges travel between its ears at a much higher rate.
Tigristrike The yellow circles on heach of Tigristrike's feet help prevent it from scroaching the ground with lightning charges as it walks.
Panthundra A single Panthundra has enought electricity coursing through its body to power an entire village with ease.

Thundercracker The large ball of electricity on Thundercrackers's tail possesses enought static power to sometimes allow the rest of him to float off the ground.
Rumblerunt Rumblerunt gets its name from the constant low rumble of lightning energy coming from its body at all times.
Badaboon Badaboon likes to be with other of its kind. The static energy radiatinc from a pack of them can sometimes be felt from very far away.
Clobberilla The massive energy balls wielded by Clobberilla possess enought power to light up an entire countryside.