Nature Miscrit Lore

Cubsprout A little creature with a big attitude. Cubsprout loves to sneak up on people and Miscrits alike to surprise them with a pounce.
Dandylion Wicked fast and very playful, Dandylion is sometimes difficult to really get a handle on, but it always has a good attitude.
Pawthorne When Pawthorne shakes its massive mane, leaves sometimes fly off so quickly that they can act as an attack in battle.
Bloomane A kind and gentle leader, Bloomane is helpful to any team because of his calming influence on wilder Miscrits.

Dark Flowerpiller Dark Flowerpiller is rarely seen in the wild and often overlooked as an ugly patch of weeds. Dark Flowerpiller does not like being overlooked...
Dark Chrysaleaf
A reclusive adolescent with a mean streak, Dark Chrysaleaf hides and waits until there is unsuspeciting prey to destroy.
Dark Bloombug Some say the magic being drained from the land has caused the once majestic Bloombug to go rogue and attack to retain its elemental prowess.
Dark Fairyblossom Dark Fairyblossom's personality is best understood by watching it viciously and purposefully try to rid the land of all regular Fairyblossoms.

Echino Echinos are known for being timid and scared. They do not yet know the power that they posses and tend to rely on their natural defenses in battle.
Prickles Prickles are one of the most enertaining Miscrits to watch. Extremely uncoordinated from years inside its shell, they often appear to be stanting on the ice.
Choy Choy While old in age, Choy Choy are extremely young at heart. They enjoy adolescent behavior such as picking fights, sprinting for no reason, and eating everything they find.
Warro Warro are considered by many to be one of the most intelligent Miscrits. Warro have much longer life spans than most Miscrits and as such are very wise.

Elefauna The flower on its head is considered to be a good luck charm in many regions of Miscria. Elefauna is very protective of its head in fear of the flower being picked.
Floraphaunt A lover of all flowers, Floraphaunt can sometimes be seen charging unsuspecting people for accidently treading on blooms.
Stammoth The flower atop Stammoth's head sends off one of the most universally pleasant scents known to man.
Grastodon Grastodon's giant stump legs can sometimes begin to grow into the ground if it sleeps for long periods of time.

Flowerpiller Flowerpiller is often spotted just barely peeking its head around the corner of a leaf. Although timid at first, it is friendly and good-natured.
Chrysaleaf The beautiful and vibrant colors of the Chrysaleaf's shell make it a common target of traders seeking to make jewelry for the wealthy classes.
Bloombug A very fickle creature, pleased with its own beauty. Bloombug is difficult for weaker trainers to keep a handle on.
Fairyblossom Fairyblossom is a favorite of teen girls all over Miscria, many of which choose to decorate their bedrooms with paintings and stuffed toys of the creature.

Grubbean Grubbean is a small and quiet Miscrit, and often has its mouth too full of leaves to be able to make any noise at all.
Coleaf Coleaf easily disguises itself amongst the leaves, and moves so deliberately through them that he is nearly undetectable to the untrained eye.
Crickaroot Crickaroot's body is extremely powerful, yet so light that it sometimes has to dig its legs into the ground, like tree trunks, to avoid being carried away by the wind.
Thornaxis Thornaxis can turn barren land into a dense, lush forest in no time at all with the seedlings that grow from its limbs.

Kelpa Kelpa is made of seaweed and other items cast aside on the beach, and can only come to life at very specific times and one specific place: a magical sandcastle.
Flotsamo Flotsamo cannot see anything out of the helmet that it wears, but it senses its surroundings and can battle very well despite its lack of sight.
Jetsama Jetsama's incredible slowness just gives it more time to plan out its attack as well as protect itself, which is part of why it manages to be so powerful even as it moves at a snail's pace.
Derelicro Derelicro's remarkable stench can almost act as an attack in and of itself. It can sometimes cause an opponents eyes to water from its strength.

Patchkin Patchkin is forever alone, doomed to be lonely and bitter after being picked away from its family at a far too young age.
Hallowar Hallowar's favorite move in battle is to fling its head at an opponent. It causes damage as well as sometimes startling the opponent into a surrender.
Jacksquatch Jacksquatch never actually hurts anyone, but it does get a lot of enjoyment out of hearing shrieks of terror after it sneaks up behind someone alone in the forest.
Reaping Gourd Seeing a Reaping Gourd is incredibly rare, and is universally held to be a harbinger of bad luck. Many adventurers fear having one in their party, while others use the fear of others to their advantage.

Quirk One of the oddest creatures in documented history, Quirk appears to be some sort of raccoon-centipede-rattlesnake hybrid.
Kinkoon Kinkoon has remarkable reflexes and agility along with many arms, so it rarely loses a fist fight.
Centaurpede Centaurpede's incredible grace, along with its many arms and legs, make it a favorite mascot of Miscrian dance troops.
Subterhuge Subterhuge's strength, speed, and superior sense of smell make it indispensable for search and rescue operations.

Snatcher Snatcher is a rambunctious little Miscrit who loves nothing more than playing a good prank on his friends.
Hedgebagger Although defensive and standoffish at first, Hedgebagger is fiercely loyal once you've gained its trust.
Barbwiler Barbwiler doesn't understand that his appearance is frightening to many, and spends much of its life just wishing that it had a snuggle buddy.
Snapdragon Snapdragon looks fairly innocuous until it opens its large, pincer-like mouth, which is when people generally commence running away.

Treemur Treemur is extremely difficult to track. Everywhere it goes, it either hops on its staff, or drags its staff behind it, which covers its footptints. Most adventurers have to simply hope that they'll encounter it by luck.
Marmoseed Marmoseed prefers to avoid battles that it doesn't think it can win. It has mastered the art of quickly concealing itself in any nearby brush in order to avoid other Miscrits.
Trimate Trimate has a habit of sneaking around where it isn't supossed to be and playing, and has to be kept under close supervision if you don't want most of your belongings to get broken.
Monfiki Monfiki is constantly chattering as though it expects everyone around it to actually understand what it's talking about, but to everyone but its own kind, the sounds are unintelligible.

Tulipinny Tulipinny often hides among real tulips, and many gardeners resent its habit of sapping up all the water from their flowers.
Leavius Leavius is very skittish of people and will often hide underneath its large leaf shield in order to avoid detection.
Rubarb When Rubarb chooses its life mate, they exchange flowers from the top of their head in order to show their commitment.
Ongabonga Experienced Miscrian Adventurers know that when lost in the forest at night, Ongabonga's glowing arm is an excellent guide.

Twiggum Many legends and origin stories surround the making of Twiggum, one of the first unions between animal and nature.
Rootle Rootle sightings are considered to be good luck by farmers and gardeners all over Miscria, and bode well for a good harvest.
Stumpede Stumpede is often considered to be one of the wisest creatures in all of Miscria, partially thanks to his leafy beard.
Willoak An ancient protector of the forest, Willoak is thought to be made from part of the Elder Tree itself.

Weevern Weevern is remarkably sweet, especially for a dragon. People who may be put off by its initial appearence are instantly charmed when it holds its flowery tail out to them and stares up with its big, dreamy eyes.
Beeblebud Beedlebud's tail is much less energetic than its head. Fortunately, it can sleep throught being dragged across the ground while front half is still moving.
Balaurise Balaurise will sometimes be forced to stand in the same place for hours on the end because its front and back ends cannot agree on the correct route to take.
Serpasoar Serpasoar's head prefers to engage its opponent straight-on as a warrior, whereas its tail fights dirty and will perform suprise attacks whenever the opportunity presents itself.