Water Miscrit Lore

Dark Prawnja Many Prawnja are discarded by early adventures. Most Prawnja accept thei discard with honor and dignity, but some powerful Prawnja choose revenge. Those are mighty Dark Prawnja.
Dark Hermetalcrab Dark Hermetalcrab's bassive claws slow it down slihtly during battle, but their fuel of anger and hatred give them special damage on their attacks.
Dark Shellgun Dark Shellgun is the antithesis of his lighter brethern. Cruel time has turned what would be a zen master into a fighting machine.
Dark Clawmurai The Dark Clawmurai has evolved just through time, but through pain. His journey combined with his age creates a Miscrit that can pick his battles... and win them all.

Frostmite Frostmite is very rarely seen alone. It thrives with constant contact with others of its kind, and has trouble maintaining its body temerature or sunny outlook without friends.
Windigroo Windigroo must be careful with its icicle covered paws, which can sometimes become sharp enought to hurt, because it would never want to injure anyone by accident.
Snowsquatch Snowsquatch is relatively easy to track, because it leaves behind tiny droplets of magical ice that last much longer than normal ice wherever it walks.
Abomino Even on hottest days of a Miscrian summer, Abomino is covered in ice, and uses its frozen coat to help cool down Miscrits who've been overcome by exhaustion.

Hydrodeal Surrounded by a forcefield of water, it subdues its opponents with a combination of innocence and power.
Streamlion >Streamlion can do incredible tricks with its ball of magical water, often draws large crowds with its performances.
Eleflood When Elefood gets exited, it flaps its massive tail. Crowds of happy Elefloods have caused several near-tsunamis.
Squalrus The ever-moving shield of water around Squalrus can keep it warm even the most frigig of Miscrian climates.

Nessy Nessy is one of the friendliest creatures in all Miscria, and always likes to make sure everyone else is having a great time.
Lockeel Lockeel’s kind nature and remarkable endurance make it an excellent companion for young Miscrits and young people alike.
Cryptile Cryptile's habit of jumping far across the water at low heights has led to many rumors about its ability to walk on water (all untrue).
Aquine Few people see the shy Aquine, and most of who do mistake it for anything from a shark to a beautiful mermaid.

Orcatide Orcatide loves to play fight with its friends. It's always out to prove that whales can be much more spry than anyone would expect.
Mobius Mobius is extremely rebellious, and is usually reluctant to follow instructions. Underneath its unruly exterior though, it yearns for the approval of the Adventurer it fights for.
Streamsmash Some Streamsmash are more decorated than others with trinkets from the sea, depending on how prone they are to collecting and hoarding.
Hydroslam Hydroslam often just floats in the shallows of the Sunfall Shores, where it is extremely difficult to distinguish from just a floating mass of seaweed until it opens its large, prple eyes.

Prawnja Prawnja’s antennae act as powerful weapons while in the heat of battle, and are its primary method of attack.
Hermetalcrab Hermetalcrab’s massive claws slow it down slightly during battle, but their incredible strength and power more than makes up for it.
Shellgun A powerful zen warrior, Shellgun can often be seen winning multiple battles without even changig its stoic expression.
Clawmurai A strategy expert, Clawmurai has an incredible grasp of the art of war and it an asset to any Miscrit team.

Shellbee Stories say the Shellbee just appeared out of the ocean floor one day, and immediately began battling other Miscrits without further explanation.
Enopen A naturally curious Miscrit, Enopen is also extremely affectionate to anyone and everyone that isn’t put off by its appearance.
Amari Many Miscrian children have dpeep frears finding Amari hiding somewhere in their closet or perhaps under their bed.
Kalamos The exact number of tentacles that any given Kalamos has is a difficult figure to ascertain, leading some to belive the number changes daily.

Snorkels Snorkels is extremely graceful in the water, and enjoys dancing and playing with all Miscrits and people. It can be quite a show- off at times.
Aqualash Aqualash's powerful tail stings unlike anything else when it hits. Luckily, it usually hits in a very playful fashion, unless it's in a real battle.
Waterwip Waterwip's mysteriously strong webbing can expand or retract whenever it needs to, because it is composed mainly of water.
Leviafin Leviafin uses its tail for many things, including combat, picking things up, and investigating its surroundings. The end of the tail is much more sensetive than its fins.

Snortus Many stories of Snortus’s origin can be heard throughout Miscria.  The most widely accepted is that it was a magician’s experiment with interesting results.
Boartle Boartle is often very slow moving, and most Miscrit Adventurers have trouble finding it because of its propensity to blend with underwater surroundings.
Terrapig Terrapig, a natural show-off, loves to perform its elaborate water tricks for beach dwellers and sailors whenever possible.
Coraswine Legend say Croaswine has rescued many lost sailors by letting them fall asleep on its back at sea and floatin them to safety.

Squibee A no-nonsense creature, Squibee has been known to smack people and Miscrits upside the head with one of his many tentacles for giving him lip.
Bilgebrat Bilgebrat, living up to its name, will often squirt ink at unsuspecting passerby.  Unfortunately, its ink is impossible to remove.
Pirapus Many stories of ghost pirates haunting the night sea have resulted from sleep-deprived sailors catching a glimpse of Pirapus.

Krakenhook Krakenhook can sometimes be spotted trying to command legions of water-type Miscrits far out at sea.

Waddles Waddles can most often be found in large groups, paddling happily around the lake in the Miscrian Forest.
Shucky Many Miscrian myths have been told about a shark made of solid gold, and all these takes have been traced back to shucky’s fin fooling people.
Fintaur Though Fintaur is one of the slowest Miscrits on land, it has incredible speed while swimming through the water.
Malladron Mallardon is sweet-natured and loves petting soft things, but his inability to judge his own strength sometimes gets him into trouble.

Wavesling The size of Wavesling's tail changes with the phases of the moon, much in the same way that the tide of the ocean does.
Hankoi Though no Miscrian scientists have ever figured out how, Hankoi controls its wave tail using the water tendrils that flow around it.
Hydravern Hydravern is extremely deffensive of its territory, and Adventurers who accidentally encroach on it often find themselves unexpectedly soaked.
Nessilisk Nessilisk perceives almost every look or glance in its direction as an insult, and it's usually safer to just stare pointebly at the ground while in its presence.