Wind Miscrit Lore

Aria Although Aria is not the smallest Miscrit in Mt. Gemma, it is the lighest because it's made up mostly of mysterious cloud-like material.
Gustelle Gustelle often travels in large packs. They keep anyone that's weak or sick in the middle of the pack in order to protect them.
Zephelope When Zephelope picks up considerable ammounts of speed while galloping, it often lifts off the ground for substantial periods of time.
Wyndasia Many stories say that the gem on Wyandasia's head changes colors with its mood, but as it's very seldom anything but serene, this hasn't been proven.

Breezycheeks When Breezycheecks completely fills its cheeks with air to prepare for an attack, its head nearly doubles in size.
Flufferpuff Flufferpuff is able to get nearly anything it wants by simply looking at a person or Miscrit with its large, addorable eyes.
Winstral When it gets cold, Winstral simply wraps itself in its expansive tail. The tail acts simulateosly as a pillow and blanket.
Glidengale When Glidengale is in the air, its large tail merges with its wings in order to allow it to fly faster than could with only feathers.

Equestrion Spotting an Equestiron in the wild is generally considered to be an omen that great thinks will soon happend to you.
Equestrius Equestrius occasionally allows riders onto its back, but it may decide at any point that it's tired of carrying them and begun to buck.
Duocornious Duocornious's age can be guessed by looking at the length of its front horn, As it gets older, the horns get close in the lengh.
Sagittarion Sagittarion has a deep sence of ritual and tradition, and it's generally best to avoid encounters with it. Even the simplest exchange may be considered an insult.

Fangly Fangly is very no-nonsense for a young Miscrit, and already possesses the focused, warrior-like demeanor necessary for a great fighter.
Incisoar Incisoar spends his days flying high above Aerobia, searching constantly for people in need so that he can fly in to help.
Chopper When Chopper isn't flying around, stretching his wings, he is perched statue-like on top of a building in an Aerobian city, keeping watch.
Tuskalate Tuskalate is a proud, fearless warrior. No one can be sure where exactly he came from, but his convictions about right and wrong are unwavering.
Flutterpat Flutterpat uses its wings to try to fly, but to no avail. They aren't developed enough to be able to actually get its body off the ground, though they do help it scoot around faster.
Avior Avior fluffs its tail out while flying, and uses it as a sort of sail to catch the wind and help it change direction while soaring through the air.
Pegasoar Pegasoar only uses one set of wings at a time. This enables it to rest the other set while it flies, which means it can stay airborne for many hours.
Gazaereal Although Gazaereal can easily fly, it relies more often on its incedibly powerful hind legs to move it around. It easily accommodates rides in between its second set of wings for both ground and air travel.

Jack Jack is adorably clumsy. Its large feet make jumping very difficult, and it can often be seen falling all over itself in midair. Jack has mastered the art of tumbling.
Cottontail Cottontail uses its incredible levels of cuteness to put its foes to ease, then it lashes out once their guard is down with its remarkable level of elemental prowess.
Hop-Chi Hop-Chi is a master of its own special form of material arts based around the wind, and is far more graceful than many would expect based on appearances.
Tuzee Although Tuzee can fly, each of its wings have differend idea of what direction and speed they want to go. It usually only flies short distances before growing tired of the effort.

Leggy Despite its miniscule stature, Leggy seems to believe it is the largest and most intimidating Miscrit in existence, and acts accordingly.
Beaker Beaker seems to forget quite often that it does actually have two legs, and chooses instead to hop around on just one.
Kiwhirl Although Kiwhirl is flightless, it still manages to control the wind for its attacks with incredible grace and ease.
Ostral Despite the heavy metal plating that covers nearly its entire body, it is incredibly fast. It can summpon breezers to help it forward, which helps it reach blinding speeds.

Mun Kee Mun Kee's wings are just barely powerful enought to lift its body off the ground. It usually just flutters in the air for a moment before landing again.
Munk Lee Cheerful and quick, Munk Lee can often be seen perferming tricks while flying through the air, much to the delight of Miscrian children.
Chimpanbreeze Chimpanbreeze has been known to complete entire battles, winning with ease, without ever once opening its eyes.
Hanuphoon Hanuphoon is rarely, if ever, seen actually landing on the ground. Through a combination of powerful winds and zen meditatuion, it floats constantly.

Owlie Owlie's underside blends in so perfecly with the clouds that it is almost ipossible to be able to spot one on the overcast day.
Regowl Regowl's wings are so large and powerful that it can easely fly for hours upon hours without even deeding to take a rest.
Generowl Generowl's majestic, noble appereance has led to it become a symbol on the official crest of many Misciran cities.
Hootray Hootray can always be spotting flying upwards with the rising sun, leading to many myths being told about it actually being part of the sun.

Poltergust Poltergust's formidable and heavy fists are almost big enought to dwarf the entire rest of his body.
Spectreus Spectreus is able to whip his hands around at an increddible speed, which creates large gusts of wind for him to do magic with.
Aethero Aethero, a noble warrior, wears lots of armor and adornments so it can never be accused of sneaking up on the enemy.
Zephyrgeist There is no spookier sight when entering a battle than seeng a large crowd of Zephyrgeists from afar, with only their armor visible.

Winnebeargo Winnebeargo spends most of its time learning how to use its newfound powers, and doesn't like to leave its nest.
Nodin Nodin cannot fly, but it can summon small cyclones under its feet which enable it to float a few inches above the ground.
Kuruk Kuruk, a very honorable creature, plucks one of its feathers to give to any Miscrit that defeats it in battle.
Minninnewah When Minninnewah has taken someone under its protection, it will stop at nothing to ensure that no harm comes to them.