Jack Jack is adorably clumsy. Its large feet make jumping very difficult, and it can often be seen falling all over itself in midair. Jack has mastered the art of tumbling.
Cottontail Cottontail uses its incredible levels of cuteness to put its foes to ease, then it lashes out once their guard is down with its remarkable level of elemental prowess.
Hop-Chi Hop-Chi is a master of its own special form of material arts based around the wind, and is far more graceful than many would expect based on appearances.
Tuzee Although Tuzee can fly, each of its wings have differend idea of what direction and speed they want to go. It usually only flies short distances before growing tired of the effort.
Jack Health Elemental Attack Elemental Defense Physical Attack Physical Defense Speed
Random Strong Moderate Moderate Moderate Random

Jack Skills Element Status Effect Attack Power Accuracy Description Enchantment Price
1 Shields Up Buff -- 100% Raises your Physical and Elemental Defense by 5. +1 to Buff 100 Gold or 1 FBC
1 Gust -- 7 100% A simple Wind attack. +1 Damage 100 Gold or 1 FBC
4 Smack -- 7 100% A simple physical attack. +1 Damage 100 Gold or 1 FBC
7 Debaser Debuff -- 100% Lower your foe's Physical and Elemental Defense by 5. +1 to Debuff 100 Gold or 1 FBC
10 Flying Kick -- 10 95% An average Wind attack. +2 Damage 1000 Gold or 3 FBC
13 Tickle Debuff -- 95% Lowers your foe's Physical and Elemental Attack by 8. +2 to Debuff 4500 Gold or 6 FBC
16 Bash -- 15 90% A powerful Physical attack. +3 Damage 2500 Gold or 5 FBC
19 Gale -- 15 90% A powerful Wind attack. +10% Accuracy 2500 Gold or 5 FBC
22 Sacred Stones Buff -- 100% Raises your Elemental Defense by 13. +3 to Buff 7500 Gold or 9 FBC
25 Wallop -- 20 90% A very powerful Physical attack. +4 Damage 5000 Gold or 7 FBC
28 Body Blocker Buff -- 90% Raises your Physical Defense by 13. +3 to Buff 6000 Gold or 6 FBC
30 Confucius -- 20 90% A very powerful Wind attack with a chance to Confuse. +6 Damage 10000 Gold or 10 FBC

Update: Jack is now found in Sunfall Shores any time of the year.

Jack is an Easter Miscrit.

Jack is the first Seasonal Miscrit and the first Miscrit inspired by a player's Fan Art. The original concept is by Cora O Riordan. You can find the forum post here: http://brokenbulbstudios.com/forum/showthread.php?9639-Dark-light-ying-yang-miscrit-idea