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Donations are a great way to support the website if you are able to. If you choose to donate, you can enter in any amount you wish. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Report the Source!:

If you take information or images off the website, please let people know where you got it. It's common courtesy. I work very hard to gather accurate and complete information for the website for everyone. I don't mind if people post the information in other places, but representing it as your own gathered information or images (especially the ones that I make/edit myself for the website), is just rude.

Spread the Word!:

One of the easiest ways to support the website is to tell your friends. Clicking "like" and "+1" on a page shares it with your friends/circle on Facebook or Google+. Gaining more visitors is one of the biggest ways to help the website grow. If you are a forum user, linking to the website when you use information from it to answer someone's questions can help. You could also put a link in your forum signiture if you are feeling really supportive!


I try to keep everything on the website up to date and as correct as possible, but mistakes and mistypes happen, and sometimes information is just plain changes in the game. Plus now with Volcano Island and new Miscrits coming out all of the time, the website has grown quite a bit. If you see something that needs changing, fixing, or updating please let me know by email and I'll get it corrected as soon as I can.

New Information!:

Keeping the website current is very important and I'm always searching for new information, images and leaked spoilers. If you find any new or leaked information and/or images you can email me or post a comment on the Updates Blog. I'll get it on the website as soon as I receive the message as long as I'm certain it is real information. Please make sure you have an accurate source for any information/images you want added to the website.

Make a Suggestion!:

I'm always open to suggestions to make the website better. If you have an idea for the website, I can't promise I can use it, but I'll definitly consider all suggestions fairly. Any suggestions should fit in with the website, be a good addition to it, or simplify some aspect of it.

Contact Information:

You can reach me by email at or by leaving a comment on the Updates blog.