8 Obvious Symptoms of Type II Diabetes

Look through the list to find out whether you belong to the category of people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Do not ignore the symptoms and consult your doctor. Seek professional assistance and advice if you have noticed that you have…

1. … Blurry Vision

Problems with vision can be caused by type 2 diabetes. When the level of glucose in your blood increases, it may significantly change the shape of the eye and the lens. When this occurs, you experience a certain pressure built-up. As a result, your eyesight becomes blurry and distorted.

2. … Dry Skin

There are numerous reasons why your skin can be dry and itchy. One of the most dangerous problems is type 2 diabetes. This is especially bad if it is accompanied by poor circulation. You should also examine the skin around armpits and neck. If it is dark, it means you are suffering from diabetes.

3. … Weak Immune System

It is very common of diabetics to have lowered immune system. Patients that are diagnosed with this health condition are likely to catch various infections. For instance, if a woman has type 2 diabetes, it is possible that she may develop fungal and yeast infections. It is known that bacteria and fungi need an environment that is rich in sugar. It is very important to take tests to see if you need any special treatment. Identify the nature of the infection that bothers you and ask your doctor what you can do to improve the situation.

8 Obvious Symptoms of Type II Diabetes Weak Immune System

4. … Frequent Hunger Pangs

If you sometimes experience sleepless night simply because hunger pangs keep you waking up, then you might be suffering from type 2 diabetes. When you have this health issues, a lot of body functions change and your organs start working differently. Diabetics feel hungry because fluctuations in the level of blood sugar are sometimes too extreme. This leads to shock. Soon the level of blood sugar drops and you feel as if you haven’t eaten anything for ages. This kind of hunger pangs is impossible to control without medication and diet.

8 Obvious Symptoms of Type II Diabetes Frequent Hunger Pangs


5. … Irritability and Chronic Fatigue

Another side effect that is associated with increased blood levels is irritability. You may also experience chronic fatigue the main reason of which is also your high blood sugar level. Diabetics know that they tend to need to wake up during the night to urinate more often. This disturbs the normal sleeping patterns. The next day you feel exhausted after a poor night’s rest.

8 Obvious Symptoms of Type II Diabetes Irritability and Chronic Fatigue

6. … Slow Healing

If your abrasions, minor cuts and injuries take days to heal, then you probably have type 2 diabetes. Diabetics usually have bruises for days and weeks and. Why this happens can be explained by the high amounts of glucose. When glucose flows through your arteries and veins, it does not let the skin heal. Without a proper blood flow you cannot expect any kind of fast healing process.

8 Obvious Symptoms of Type II Diabetes Slow Healing

7. … Medical Diagnosis

Ask your doctor to check you for diabetes. You will need to take a few tests. One of the most essential tests will be the blood glucose analysis. If the readings show numbers over 125 milligrams per deciliter, it means that you are suffering from diabetes for sure. Pre-diabetes is also a dangerous conditions. The numbers then are between 100 and 125.

8 Obvious Symptoms of Type II Diabetes Medical Diagnosis

8. … Rapid Weight Loss

Patients that have type 2 diabetes report that they experience a rapid weight loss. When insulin cannot deliver glucose into your body cells, your whole body goes into starvation mode. Glucose is needed as an essential source of energy. Instead of glucose your body starts breaking down your muscles to take protein as its main source of energy.

8 Obvious Symptoms of Type II Diabetes Rapid Weight Loss

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