In a recent statistic, it has been deduced that over 85 million Americans suffer from prediabetes, with over 90% of the former being none the wiser. Pre-diabetes is nothing but a harbinger of diabetes should it remain ignored or not be noticed. The most common form of diabetes Pre-diabetes takes is diabetes type-2, the most common and fearsome type of the disease, and it is mostly common in men.

The number of type-2 diabetes among men spikes up even more in the middle-aged group since the latter are more prone to develop the aforementioned disease. It can be often attributed to the fact that the changes and the weight gain men endure as they enter their fifties contribute into the development of type-2 diabetes since glucose levels tend to get messed up. The reason why men are affected by type-2 diabetes more frequently is because they develop the former at a much lower body mass index than women, says the CDCP. As such, men need to watch out for prediabetes and its signs, most of which are below.

Erectile Dysfunction

Type-2 diabetes is infamous for damaging the nerves and arteries throughout the entire body, without giving any body part a modicum of mercy. The damage extends to the genitalia, as well, which ends up with diabetic men suffering from crippling erectile dysfunction. According to a study published in the Journal of International Medical Research, up to 89% of men suffering from pre-diabetes have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. The latter is known for being a pre-symptom of diabetes, one that plagues men all over the world. Diabetes instructor and chairwoman of the ESAPOCC Margaret Eckert-Norton says that “A man will realize something is wrong right away and seek help.”

Yeast Infections

A pre-diabetes patient’s body is the perfect place for the development of yeast infections. The high amount of glucose in the bloodstream will contribute in the growth of yeast infections in all the damp, dark spots of the body. Men suffering from pre-diabetes often develop yeast infections on the foreskin of their penises; a damp, dark place.

Incessant Urination

While there are several diseases which have frequent urination as one of their symptoms, diabetes is most infamous for it. The body can no longer process what you will intake as it should. As such, it will start simply flushing away the water you drink and the water your body contains naturally, which will lead you to visit the porcelain altar many a time throughout the day, and especially at night.

Constant Exhaustion

One of the most well-known signs of pre-diabetes is constant fatigue. Since the body no longer processes food as it should, it does not break it down and take the nutrients it needs, which translates into less glucose absorbed by the body, with the former being the latter’s fuel/energy. The result of all of this is a constant, bone-deep feeling of fatigue that people often blame on stress or lack of sleep.

Familial Medical History

If your dad or mom, one of your uncles, or one of your grandparents suffer or suffered from type-2 diabetes, with a substantial list of relatives or ancestors having been diagnosed with the aforementioned disease, you must take that seriously as it is considered one of the major pre-symptoms of diabetes. According to a study in 2013, having a good grasp on your family’s medical history will allow you to deduce whether one disease or another, type-2 diabetes included, runs in the family. This grasp on the family’s medical history has to be accompanied by regular medical check-ups so as to avoid any unnoticed developments. Therefore, a monthly glucose gauge would never hurt.

Weight gain

When we are talking about weight gain as a pre-symptom of diabetes, we are talking about the sudden, inexplicable kind of weight gain some men might witness at some point. According to a research in BMJ, the amount of weight men gain due to diabetes is relatively less than the amount women gain, which means that any spurt of weight gain must be met with extreme prejudice. Since your body’s digestion and processing of food are fluctuating and/or shot, your appetite will increase exponentially, and your metabolism starts going wild. A few beers with the boys and your entire metabolic system is shot, and the weight gain you might experience is far from being logical, which begs a hasty visit to the doctor.

Chest pain

You are working out, pumping iron, reaching your cardio quota, and you feel a sudden, sharp chest pain that does not go away very quickly. Pre-diabetes puts you at a huge risk of suffering from ischemia while working out. This is one of those chest pains that have nothing to do with your heart and everything to do with prediabetes. Any kind of demanding physical labor, one that is akin to working out, can cause a sudden ischemia episode. Also, should you suffer from the latter one time too many, book a doctor appointment post haste.

Premature ejaculation

Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction is not the only sexual problem men face when they are plagued with prediabetes. Prediabetes patients tend to also suffer from premature ejaculation as a result of prediabetes-induced metabolic syndrome. Premature ejaculation is a pre-symptom of diabetes proper, one that must not be taken lightly. According to a study conducted by European Urology, up to 23% of prediabetes patients have admitted to suffering from premature ejaculation.

No symptoms

The most chilling pre-symptom of diabetes is no symptoms at all. You can be just fine before, one day, your system crashes and your glucose levels are off the charts. To prevent the sudden relapse, medical check-ups are highly advised. Better be safe than sorry as they say, which is why a glucose gauge, a quarterly full body check-up, and a better diet coupled with regular exercise are highly recommended to maintain good health and avoid any unnecessary complications.


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